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How is English Workouts different?

We provide verbal exercises to improve your speaking skills at your own pace.

Self-Directed Learning

Systematic drilling presentations in which specific grammatical patterns and structures are repeated by the learner to ultimately use the grammar point independently and spontaneously.

TOEIC Speaking Practice

Drilling presentations designed to improve the learner’s performance on the TOEIC or TOEFL IBT Spoken Test or for anyone seeking to improve his spoken English in the context of daily life or in the global workplace.

Created by a Teacher

Our online language lessons are modeled using techniques I've used as both a language learner and a classroom instructor. These lessons consistently achieve positive results and will fast-track your learning.

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People love to learn with English Workouts

9/10 users reported better learning outcomes.
80% of students see their course through to completion.

"The TOEIC exercises were fun and by repeating the sentences, I could imagine them in my mind and they came out without thinking."


"The grammar drills are amazing!  Every time I needed to study the grammar, I go back and watch and listen to the drills."


"My tutor was able to meet the needs of each one, sparing no effort to help those who have had difficulties. Thanks for everything."


"Being one of your students makes me so proud and thankful.  You are one of my favorite teachers of my life."

Saudi Arabia

"I couldn't have learned writing without you."


The language help you need, when you need it.

Whether you're looking for personalized tutoring, document editing, or consultation on your writing, we're here to help.

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